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Fotograf, regissör Amyn Nasser (Mx) är kritikerrosad inom internationellt mode, naken, erotik och arkitektur. Över 39 år som rest världen över och fotograferat kändisar, supermodeller, människor och andra framstående figurer, och National Landmark Architecture Landscapes för redaktionella modeberättelser, omslag och inslag, och framstående reklam och kampanjer i delar av Europa, Medelhavet, Afrika, Kanada, USA och andra ö-länder.

International Awards 

[partial list]

SILVER Graphis Nude 5 Fine Art Nude Winner

TBA • 2023 GOLD Graphis Advertising Fashion Winner

TBA • 2023 GOLD Graphis Photo Fashion Winner

2022 GOLD Graphis Advertising Fashion Winner 

2022 GOLD Graphis Photo Fashion Winner

2021 GOLD Graphis Photo Fashion Winner

2021 GOLD Budapest International Foto Awards [BIFA] Advertising Fashion Winner

2021 GOLD Moscow International Foto Awards [MIFA] Advertising Fashion Winner

2021 OFFICIAL Selection Tokay International Foto Awards [TIFA] Advertising Fashion

2020 GOLD Graphis Photo Fashion Winner

2020 International Color Awards Fashion Advertising Winner

2020 GOLD Budapest International Foto Awards [BIFA] Advertising Fashion Winner

2020 FIRST Budapest International Foto Awards [BIFA] Advertising Winner

2020 SILVER Tokyo International Foto Awards [TIFA] Editorial Fashion Winner

2020 HONORARY Paris Prix de la Photographie PX3 Fine Art Nude Winner

2019 GOLD Graphis Photo Fashion Winner

2019 WINNER The LUCIE Award International Photo Awards [IPA] Advertising Fashion

2019 WINNER The LUCIE Award International Photo Awards [IPA] Fashion

2019 HONORARY Tokyo International Foto Awards [TIFA] Editorial Fashion Winner

2019 BRONZE Moscow International Foto Awards [MIFA] Editorial Fashion Winner

2019 HONORARY The Spider Black & White Award Fashion Winner

2019 HONORARY International Color Awards [ICA] Fashion Winner

2018 SILVER Tokyo International Foto Awards [TIFA] Editorial Fashion Winner

2018 The Spider Black & White Awards Fashion Winner

2018 ND Neutral Density Awards Architecture Winner

2018 HONORARY The Lucie Awards International Photo [IPA] Fashion Winner

2018 International Color Awards Fashion [ICA] 

2016 HONORARY Tokyo International Foto Awards [TIFA] Editorial Fashion Winner

2016 NOMINATED The Spider 11 Black & White Awards Fine Art Nude Black Heat Passion Winner

2016 HONORARY The Spider 11 Black & White Awards Fashion Bang! Fuck That!

2015 HONORARY Moscow International Foto Awards [MIFA] Advertising Beauty Winner

2015 HONORARY Moscow International Foto Awards [MIFA] Editorial Fashion

2015HONORARY Moscow International Foto Awards [MIFA] Portfolio & Website

2015 The Spider 10 Black & White Awards Fashion CDLXVII Road Rage

2015 The Spider 10 Black & White Awards Fine Art Nude MMMMMXCV Black Love

2015 The Spider 10 Black & White Awards Fine Art Nude MCCLVIII

2015 NOMINATED The Color Awards 8 Nude Erotica Wild West Kate MMCMXXVIII

2015 International Color Awards 8th Nude Erotica Wild West Kate MMMXLIII

2014 SILVER Moscow International Foto Awards [MIFA] Fine Art Nude

2014 NOMINATED The Spider 9 Awards Black & White Fine Art Fashion "Untitled No. 1"

2012 NOMINATED The Spider 7 Black & White Award Fine Art Fashion 6136 Untitled MMDLXXV

2011 WINNER Applied Arts International Award Architecture The Little House that fought demolition…

2011 WINNER Photo District News New York Architecture City Of Lights Vancouver

2011 WINNER The Spider 6 Black & White Fine Art Fashion MMMDXXI Lippy Leggy

2011 WINNER The Spider Black & White Fine Art Nude Tall Girl 17-18-62

2010 Winner Masters Cup 4 International Color Awards Photography Fashion

2010 Winner Masters Cup 3 International Color Awards Photography Fashion

2010 WINNER Applied Arts International Award Architecture

2010 WINNER International Photo District New York Architecture MDLXXXIII DCXCIII MDCCXIX

2010 NOMINATED The Spider 5 Black & White Fine Art Erotica Fashion 8 Toes, 5 Circles

2010 WINNER Finalist The Smithsonian Magazine 7 MCDXXIII The Little House that fought demolition… 

2010 EXHIBITED at The Smithsonian Castle in Washington, D.C. USA Exhibit 6 months 

2009 Masters Cup International Color Awards Photography Fine Art Nude Ripe

2009 Masters Cup International Color Awards Photography Fine Art Portrait Beach Boy

2009 The LUCIE Awards International Photography Pilsner Urquell Awards Cityscapes Voyeur [V] Nocturne

2009 The LUCIE Awards International Photography Pilsner Urquell People Culture This America [E] Etc.


partical list

2016-2025 LUMAS Galleries - Special Luxury Liner Exhibit Contract 25 Years - Berlin Germany

2017 LUMAS Vancouver Gastown Exhibit | June 22, 2017, Voyeur [A] Nocturne

2016 Mirror Ball - Allstream Center Toronto - November 2016

2016 LUMAS Galleries - Berlin, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Madrid, Vienna, Zurich, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy.

2016 TRUNK AutoONE - Vancouver Canada - November 2016 - March 2017 Voyeur [A] Nocturne

2015 LUMAS Galleries - Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, Berlin, Basel, Madrid, Zurich, Australia, South Korea, Italy, Germany.

2015 Trunk Gallery Vancouver, Canada Voyeur Nocturne Architecture and Erotica

2015 LUMAS Gallery Switzerland Art Basel Architecture

2014 ROAM Gallery Vancouver, Canada The Vancouver Club May 2014

Voyeur Nocturne [V] Architecture

2014 Trunk Gallery Vancouver, Canada Voyeur Nocturne WorksArchitecture & Erotica

2012 Trunk Gallery Vancouver, Canada Nude Erotica Architecture

2011 TRUNK Gallery Vancouver Canada Architecture

2011 Arts Umbrella - Splash! Vancouver Canada Voyeur [E] Nocturne: MMMDCCCLXVI Possession, Red Lounge 2011 - Oct 14-16 Opening Piece Lot # 1

2010 Sotheby's Fine Art Auction House New York - July -November 2010 - November Auction - Title: Morbras Meeting Point #1 -Modern Views: A National Trust Project- The Farnsworth House and Glass House. - Assouline Limited Edition Book Title: Morbras Meeting Point #1

2010 Sotheby's Fine Art Auction House Chicago - July - November 2010 - Title: Morbras Meeting Point #1 - Modern Views: A National Trust Project - The Farnsworth House and Glass House. - Assouline Limited Edition Book Title: Morbras Meeting Point #1

2010 - 2011 Smithsonian Castle, Washington, D.C. Voyeur [V] Nocturne: MCDXXIII - Jul 2010 through Feb 2011 Group

2010 October Arts Umbrella - Splash! Vancouver Voyeur [V] Nocturne: CCXCVI

2010 October 14-16 Group - 2010 Unite With Art Vancouver Voyeur [V] Nocturne: MDLX White building (2) - watching, 2010 2010 - Jun 3

2010 TRUNK Gallery Vancouver Voyeur Nocturne Works [A] & [E] Jan 25 - Mar 15, 2010, Extended through April 26, 2010 - Two Solo Shows - Architecture + Erotica

2010 Olympic Village 2010 Vancouver, Canada - Voyeur [A] Nocturne 2010 - Jan 25 - Mar 25 Solo Exhibit - The only officially chosen photography exhibit.

1986 Paris Exhibit Tous Les Caleçons - Grands Tirages Sur Les Cordons

1990 Vogue Hommes Paris Special Hommes Femmes Noir et Blanc 1990s circa 1991 Vogue Hommes - Mens Vogue Christmas Feature 

5 TV Special Features France, Canada

Amyn Nasser, a critically acclaimed photographer of International Fashion Editorial and Architecture. For more than 39 years, he has travelled the world photographing celebrities and other prominent figures, shooting major advertising campaigns and national landmark architecture.

Recent accolades in Photography worldwide include:

2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 WINNER in Fashion, Advertising, Nude, Architecture, Fine Art, Color, Black & White.

GOLD + SILVER Graphis International Awards

GOLD + SILVER + BRONZE Budapest BIFA, Tokyo TIFA, Moscow MIFA International Awards

International Color Awards

PX3 Prix de la Photographie de Paris Awards

Spider Black and White Award

Applied Arts Awards

Photo District News

Amyn Nasser’s photography exhibits at LUMAS Galleries worldwide including LUMAS Art Basel, LUMAS UAE, LUMAS Saudi Arabia, LUMAS Vancouver, LUMAS Toronto, LUMAS New York, and has exhibited at the LUMAS Art Basel Gallery Switzerland. Amyn has also exhibited at The Smithsonian Castle, Washington, D.C., and was the only official photographer exhibited at Vancouver Olympic Village, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Amyn has photographed covers and fashion editorial stories for world-renowned magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Glamour, L'Officiel, Men's Vogue, GQ, Rolling Stone, Max, Prestige International, Guest Informant, International Guide, Esquire, Brides, Clic, Amica and more, in France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada, and the United States.

As the exclusive west coast photographer for Prestige International Magazine Paris, shooting covers and ninety pages of fashion and architecture pages per issue, Amyn worked with a photography production team of models, celebrities, hair, makeup, stylists, assistants, videographers, production, post-production, and set decorators. 

He has photographed a host of celebrities that include Rob Lowe, Jeff Goldblum, Prince, Sheila E., Iman, Claudia Schiffer, Carmen Electra, Carla Bruni, Carl Lewis, Jon Secada, Helena Christensen, Jean-Paul Goude, The Jackson Family, Wayne Gretzky, Claude Montana, Eva Herzigova, Sandrine Bonnaire, Sophie Marceau, Veronica Ferres, Susie Abromeit, Bria Murphy, and Donovan Leitch.

The landmark architecture Amyn has photographed includes the James F Goldstein residence in Los Angeles, California, which is part of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art collection of historic properties, and the Frank Gehry-designed residential estate and beaches (worth $57.5 million), for an exclusive 90-page fashion and architecture production. The 11,413 square-foot house with Gehry's asymmetrical style is unique in mid-twentieth-century modern architecture.

Amyn photographed the famous landscape titled Morbras Meeting Point that exhibited at Sotheby's Fine Art Chicago and auctioned at Sotheby's Fine Art New York for the Philip Glass House Modern Views auction. This landscape, designed by world-famous landscape architect Kathryn Gustafson, is in Roissy-en-Brie, France.

In appreciation of Amyn's spontaneous aesthetic style, he has been a Guest Photographer on several occasions to the Aga Khan at the estate of The Aga Khan in Aiglemont, France. There, Amyn photographed the Aga Khan and several world leaders for the estate’s historical archives and documentation.

Amyn’s consistently exemplary work keeps him in company with the most influential photographers worldwide. His work is always ahead of its time, and he is a pioneer in the field of image coloration. It is reminiscent of early 1960s artwork and has made a comeback to the world of photography because of Amyn's secret formula in photo editing and photoshop utilizing a cinematic Technicolor metallic formula that no one else has. His ten feet wide architecture photos were the first to be printed on high-grade luxury super gloss aluminum.

With a singular ability to tell visual stories, Amyn’s vision will last much into the future as a unique story-teller of the human condition. His extraordinary ability to translate his observations into the most memorable and timeless photographs allows him to remain prominent in his chosen field of photography. His work has a timeless aesthetic that is yet modern and fast.

Amyn Nasser’s photographs are available through LUMAS Galleries Worldwide, Trunk Gallery, Agents, Private Collectors and Collections. 

Amyn’s work is in the collections of the Prince of Morocco, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid ben al-Hassan.

Partial List

Anna Magazine | Amica | Brides Magazine | Clic Magazine | Cento Cose Magazine | Cosmopolitan USA | Cosmopolitan France | Cosmopolitan Germany | Cosmopolitan Italy | Depeche Mode | Femme Magazine | Elle Canada | Elle United States | Elle France | Elle Italy | Elle Germany | Elle Spain | Elle Japan | Esquire USA | Figaro Japan | GQ USA | Glamour France | Glamour Italy [Italia] | Harper’s Bazaar Italy | Harper’s Bazaar Germany | Jill Magazine | L’Officiel Paris | L’Officiel Hommes | Lei | Madame | Man Magazine | Manner Vogue | Marie Claire | Max France | Max Italia | Max Germany | Miss Vogue | Mondo Uomo | NewMag | Paris Magazine | Per Lui | Petra Magazine | Photo France | Prestige International Magazine | Rolling Stone France | Seventeen | Vancouver Magazine | Vogue Paris | Vogue Germany | Vogue Italia | Vogue Hommes | Vogue Pelle |  

3 Suisses France | ABD Group New York | Ambrosi New York Chicago | Adverba Munich Germany | AGA | Anders Schönberg Settlemayer GmbH | Austin Reed Chicago | Baker Lovick Canada | BBDO | Bloomingdale's New York | BMW New York | Boca Raton TownCenter | Britches of Georgetown | Cerruti Paris France | Chadwicks | Contreluce | Coty Perfume | Daniel Hechter Paris | Dellafemina Jeary & Partners | Dillards Chicago | Euro RSCG | Etienne Aigner Germany | Façonnable Nice France | Freundin | Guest Informant Los Angeles | Groupe CPP | GWG Jeans | Hanes SARA LEE | Hart Schaffner Marx Chicago | Henderson Tyner Art Company | Hermès Paris France | Hershey Communications | Husky Oil | International Guide Canada | Innocenti Italy | Jacques Fath France | Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Italy | J.Crew New York | La Redoute France | Levi's Jeans | Lord Byron France | Lord & Taylor New York | McCann & Erickson | NAF NAF Paris | Milano France | Monsieur DeFursac France | Morgan de Toi France | Neckermann Germany | Newport News California | Nordstrom | NOVA Corporation | Omega | OuiSet Germany | Rémy Martin Liquor | Ritta & Associates | Shortcut Advertising | Spacetime Advertising Chicago | Stéphanie Parfume | Succes Slad Advertising | SWOON LUXE Luxury Handbags | Tommy Hilfiger USA | TW Plus Partners | Volvo France | West Can Communications Canada | Wilkens Ayer | Wrangler Jeans |  

Uttalande: Mitt arbete består av en spontan förbränning av drama i filmiska tonaliteter som jag ställer upp som tar fram karaktärstoner från en bråkdels sekund kanske någonstans någonstans i mina drömmar eller genom "svängningen" av East West Cultural Influences, dock, oavsett kvinnan är alltid bemyndigad med sin femininitet - och stil. Det är en essens av ett (ögonblicket), det vill säga det, - som kan missas. Jag är inte särskilt "Pose" om inte "Pose" är en "Pose", om du förstår det. Vi är en Pose.

Verket är tidlöst. Jag har ingen relevans för stilar eller trender som de aldrig gör. Det är för mig en missuppfattning. Classy är att veta vem du är.

De varumärkeskampanjer, reklam, redaktionella projekt jag har "skjutit" genom åren har ett tydligt avtryck av min stilvändning med en visuell sensorisk resa. Oftast med kampanjer eller ledare var projektets framgång stor, och en slutsåld av produkten - oavsett om det är en lyxig handväska, strumpa, trosa, läppstift eller fluga, eller tidningsberättelse.

Fullbordat faktum. Det är helt glansigt!


"Biografen ersätter vår blick med en värld som motsvarar våra önskemål." (öppning av Godards mepris) - jean-luc godard

Varje form är vacker när man ser den på rätt sätt. Ögat ser inga former, det ser bara det som skiljer sig åt genom ljus och mörker eller genom färger. - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832), tysk poet och dramatiker. Ordspråk på prosa

"Vad du ser beror mycket på var du står. Det beror också på vilken sorts person du är.” – C.S. Lewis, The Magician's Nephew

"Ibland är verkligheten för komplex. Berättelser ger det form." — Jean Luc Godard

... det finns rörelse, glansig rörelse alltid... -- amyn nasser

Monaco, Paris, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Rom, Milano, Vancouver, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Sevilla, Montreal, Aten, Moskva, Calgary, Sofia, Capri, Malta, Sardinien, Toronto, St. Tropez, Mallorca



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