Terms and Conditions

License Rights Managed and License Royalty Free is only for the Term Indicated and Finally Purchased. Image Licence Rights Managed (RM) or Royalty Free (RF) is for Business Use Only. It is not for Personal Use. Business Use includes Architecture Design, Art Consultants, Beauty Industry, Business, Book Publishers, Construction Companies, Corporate, Design Firms, Editorial Magazine, Eros Industry, Fashion Industry, Hotels, Interior Décor Firms, Interior Designers, Lingerie Firms, Luxury Businesses, Luxury Resorts, Oil Companies, Restaurants, Travel Industry, and such Companies. Not for Resale of Products unless approved in Writing explicitly.

There is No Transfer of Copyright Implied or Given or Sold. There is No Licensing Rights or ReLicensing Permitted or Given. Owning a Photographic Print or Digital File or NFT or Video or Polaroid or Film or Art Print or Other Future Medium does not imply ownership of copyright. No Derivatives or Creative Commons Permitted. Ask prior to Social and Blog Post. Request Usage Permissions for Article writeup.
No permissions given to making derivatives or re-photographing or duplicating or sharing or selling. Posting on Articles, Blogs, Social Media and such, or verbally claiming full ownership of the actual photograph is not permitted and will be considered a violation of my copyright and rights.

A credit line is required with all social media and blog posting, editorial or anywhere stipulated. This includes posts and articles. Photo © Amyn Nasser www.Nasser.Studio

The Terms apply to and include all Licensing Sales and all Art and/or Art Print Sales on any Substrate Purchased or Given or Donated or Otherwise.

All Images, Pictures, Photographs, Photography, Art Prints, Media, Video, Film, Moving Pictures, Artwork, Notes, Other Future Medium, Content and Concepts including Graphics Branding is copyright Amyn Nasser, AmynNasser.com Nasser Studio Nasser.Studio and Amyn Nasser Estate. All Rights Reserved.

All these Terms and Copyright extend to other Domains that belong to Amyn Nasser including voyeurnocturne.com splitsecondcapture.com kisskissshootshoot.com surxposed.com surxposed.art neptuneimages.com neptunegallery.art